Camping survival tips

Before you finally decide to go for camping, you need to take time and master the survival tips. The jungle and the wilderness can be very rough, and you need to learn how to handle problems as soon as they come. There are various things that you can carry in your camping bag that will save you in more ways than you can imagine. Learn some important survival tips at on camping. When it comes to camping, it is always advisable to be ready for everything.  Here are some of the survival tips that will help you on your camping trip.

Survival tips when camping

Carry waterproof matches

Waterproof matches are the best thing when it comes to camping. The role of waterproof matches is to make sure that you can still light a fire even when it is raining. The ordinary matches are likely to disappoint you when you need to light a fire. During the cold season, match stick gets too cold and lighting a fire becomes impossible. However, with waterproof matches, you are set to go. Always make sure that you carry as many as possible because you might need to light a fire several times while camping.


Make your tent waterproof

Most of the camping tents are made using waterproof material, but this is not enough. You need to go ahead and make the tent water proof using a sealant. All you need to do is to take a sealant from a can and then spray it all over the tent. By doing this, you will make sure your tent is waterproof even in the strongest storm.

Carry a pocket knife

A pocket knife is one of the most important survival items that you need when going on camping. A pocket knife is one of those multifunctional items that you can use for many functions. For instance, it is possible to use a pocket knife to set up your tent, to light a fire and also to slice fish when making a meal. Always take time and find a pocket knife that can perform many functions at once.


Use a beer can as a stove

It is possible to use your beer can as a stove while on your camping trip. The beer can be transformed into a stove that you can use to boil water and do other forms of cooking with it. Never throw away your beer cans while on a camping trip.