Five FAQs on Online Train Ticket Booking

  • Howard Horn
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  • 27/07/2017
  • How Do I Book Train Tickets Online?

    Go to the train service website. Enter the required details including the number of passengers, time, and date you would like to travel. This will help you get the total price of your tickets. You will also have to specify whether you need a one-way ticket or round the trip ticket.

    Some train services will require you to enter details of the people you will be traveling with including their ages. Once you have entered all the required details, click next to see the ticket prices and select “add to cart.” Click “next” to pay for your train tickets. Some sites may require you to sign up before paying for the ticket. You will receive a confirmation email or SMS once you have paid for the tickets.

    What are the advantages of online train ticket booking?

    Online train ticket booking saves time because it allows you to book for your train tickets from anywhere and at any time. It eliminates the need for calling train ticket agents and being put through automated prompts before finally speaking to a customer care representative. Online train ticket booking allows you to complete your ticket order in just a few minutes. You can even book your tickets when on the move.

    How Do I Get My Tickets After Booking?

    Once you book a train from singapore to kuala lumpur, you will receive an email or SMS confirmation of the booking immediately after paying for your trip. Do not delete this message because it serves as your e-ticket and will be required when you check in at the train station. If possible, write down the confirmation number or print the e-ticket. Some train services allow you to obtain your ticket through a self-serve kiosk. Arrive at the train station early and be sure to carry your I.D. or passport as well as the credit card you used for the booking. In case you lose the confirmation number, you can get your tickets at the check-in desk.

    How Much Will I Be Charged for this Service?

    Online train ticket booking is free of charge. All you will be required to pay for are the usual Internet booking charges. Internet charges would be determined by your Internet service provider. Also, the charges for ticket delivery would be levied by the train service provider.

    What is the Accuracy of the Ticket Pricing and Train Routes Data?

    Online train ticket booking services usually connect real time to the train service reservation system to fetch the most up to date data The service provides users with a faster experience by caching data related to training routes and fares. This means that you get the latest information regarding fares and train routes when you book your ticket online.…