Uses Of Marijuana – Will It Work For Me?

  • Francis Dillard
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  • 29/04/2017
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    Numerous benefits come along with the usage of marijuana, and this is the primary reason the drug is used for medical purposes in various parts of the world. Alternative medicine practitioner and most users claim that all you need to do is to avoid misusing marijuana as this may affect your memory as well as emotions. Marijuana has two active chemicals which include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

    The uses of marijuana

    Cannabidiol affects the brain without a high property while on the other hand tetrahydrocannabinol has the pain-relieving properties. Besides, you can also gain some of these health benefits from medication that contains THC. So, let us now look at some uses of marijuana, they include;

    Marijuana decreases anxiety and progression of alzheimer’s disease

    11ghdhdhdjMost users claim that the drug helps them to minimize pain as well as suppressing nausea and this is why it is used in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Therefore, when used in the right dosage marijuana acts as a sedative. Another useful benefit of consuming marijuana is that it slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. This is the THC ingredient that affects the formation of amyloid plaques by hindering the enzyme in the brain. Once the enzymes are blocked the formation of plaques that kills the brain cells and thus causing Alzheimer’s reduced.

    Marijuana controls epileptic seizures

    With the two active ingredients, marijuana controls seizures by preventing the brain cells that is responsible for controlling excitability as well as adjusting tranquility. Furthermore, if you start using marijuana strain that contains a lot of cannabidiol and less tetrahydrocannabinol, you will notice that the drug assists your body in fighting dravet syndrome that are symptoms of an acute seizure disease. This is because marijuana interacts with the brain cells and hinder the symptoms that are responsible for seizures disorder.

    Intake of marijuana also prevents spreading of cancer

    1111nskdjaufpCannabidiol which is active chemical in marijuana helps one’s body in preventing cancer, and this is through its ability to turn off Id-1 gene. What happens is that cancer cells generate more Id-1 genes compared to non-cancerous cells and as a result, this helps them to spread throughout the body. This is very common and severe to women with breast cancer, but when treated with cannabidiol, the Id-1 gene shows less expression and thus less aggressive spreaders.

    Last but not the least, patients who are experiencing various inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s among others can benefit from marijuana. In addition to that, the drug attenuates pain, minimizes inflammation as well as enhances good sleep, and this relieves pain and discomfort in patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatoid.…