Tips for choosing your automatic door contractor

  • Francis Dillard
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  • 09/06/2017
  • Automatic doors are a common feature in most commercial centers around the globe. These type of doors create ultimate convenience for the occupants of the business premises as well as the visitors and customers. Convenience, control, and accessibility are the prime values represented by this exquisite invention. Also, Automatic Doors have been lauded as security enhancers due to the fact that some types are designed only to allow entrance of authorized personnel.

    Types of automatic doors

    Sliding doors

    These are frequently used in directional traffic, and these automatic sliding doors can either be telescopic, parting or single sliding.

    Swinging doors

    These are mainly found in directional traffic and can be operated manually. If you prefer this type, it is available in either single or a pair.

    Folding doors

    Folding doors are preferable to users that have a limited amount of space. In this case, visitors are able to go through different directions using the same entrance.

    Revolving doors

    This type is mainly utilized in places where there is high traffic. Users are hereby able to enter and exit concurrently without hindrance.

    The popularity of automatic doors is widespread, and therefore different contractors have emerged in the market hence the inherent difficulty in settling for the best.

    Tips for choosing a contractor


    It is prescribed that you seek recommendations from reliable sources in the process of procuring the contractor. Friends and colleagues are the primary sources of such information, and therefore you should consult with them initially. Also, you can request contact information from companies that have a facility that suits your preference. Online reviews are also helpful in securing the ideal contractor.


    It is intelligible to install automatic doors from contractors that have majored in the particular field. A specialist has the requisite knowledge and experience in such installation, and you are thereby guaranteed that the project will attain maximum standards. Also, specialists are able to offer appropriate advice based on his knowledge and experience.


    You ought to carry out adequate research on the market prices before you pursue a contractor. Having prior knowledge will shade light on the most affordable contractor as per your budget. Once you know your budget, it is easier to negotiate and secure an ideal contractor.


    A background study of the contractor’s reputation will shade light on the quality of services offered by his firm. Such reputation is easily obtained through past clients or reviews that are usually posted online.